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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fresh Fruit Juice Business Opportunity

Many businesses glanced fresh fruit juice because this business can be run with a small capital. Many people who love fresh fruit juice because it is very useful for maintaining a healthy body and also drink fruit juice tasted very fresh and delicious when in drink at midday when the sun stinging body.

The target market is the fresh fruit juice business men and women ranging from children to the elderly. Raw material from fresh fruit juice business is a fruit that is still fresh and also very easy to get because in traditional markets many vendors selling a variety of fresh fruits.

It is now almost all families already have the tools to make their own juice at home, but in fact people prefer a practical and fast food. Therefore, they prefer to buy fruit juice so rather than having to make your own at home for various reasons.

If you want to open a fruit juice business you must have distinct strategy how can buyers be attracted to your fruit juice since it's been a lot of which opened this fresh fruit juice business.

Like for example a cheaper price than the other, fruits guaranteed fresh, hygiene is maintained, satisfactory service, ready to serve the order, place strategy and so on.

The businesses were all very ideology that instills confidence to the customer is a very important factor, for that you have to maintain the quality of your fruit juice in terms of flavor, hygiene, and so on. Whatever your business, if there is no trust of customers then your business will not be able to walk.

Raw material from fresh fruit juice business is fresh fruits such as tomatoes, mangoes, oranges, cantaloupe, avocado, soursop, srowberi, guava, watermelon, carrots, and so on.

The place is needed to open the business of fruit juice is not too large, kira2 size 3 × 3 square meters is enough. Great place for fresh fruit juice business is next door to the culinary sellers, sellers groceries, services, schools, colleges and so on.

The equipment in need is a wagon, Showcase, Topless, blender, gallon of water, glass, chairs, tables and so on. To know more equipment complete you can look at the existing fruit juice sellers in your area.

Prices average fruit juices on offer at a price of Rp. 3000 to Rp. 7000 per glass depending on the type and quality of fruit juice. This effort would be better legi if equipped with snacks such as fried fried. Deep fried food you can fry yourself or buy from someone else.

These efforts benefit analysis run this fresh fruit juice;

Price of fruit juice pergelas = Rp. 4000
Sales per day min = 20 glasses
Turnover per day = 80,000
Omser per month = Rp. 2.4 million

COGS = 50%

Net profit per month = Rp. 1200.000

The above calculations is that if this fruit juice business you run in the house. The higher the traffic of your business, the higher the turnover of your fruit juice business.

Excess fresh fruit juice business

This business is already popular in the community so it is not too difficult to introduce these products to the consumer. Fresh fruit juice business opportunity is open for applicants from fruit juice drinks are also very large. This effort does not require huge capital and can be run with a small capital.

Lack of fresh fruit juice business

Fruit membususk if too long will not be consumed. Mensiasatinya need to be prepared for the cooler as a refrigerator that fruit can last longer.

The sales turnover will usually decrease if the rainy season has arrived, because during the rainy season the air becomes cold that interest consumer to drink is also reduced.

strategy fresh fruit juice business

Creating Banner or banners bearing the name of your business and what you offer juice following the cheap. You can also share your brosur2 to teman2 or communities that are around you.

Tata fruit in your glass storefront neat and attractive for consumers interested in tasting the fruit juices you.

Tips for Success

Maintain the freshness of fruits is obligatory for businesses because the freshness of fruit juice drinks greatly affect the taste of fruit juice drinks that you sell. You should understand well the benefits of fruits to health so you can explain to consumers the benefits of fruit juices for you  to sell.

When you need to make a special banner writen benefits of various fruits for a healthy body. It aims to make consumers more good to buy your fruit juice production.

So how, you are interested to open a business this fresh fruit juice?